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Are you willing to staff your store during opening hours? 

Is a shared flex retail & social store for you?

Are you willing to run the store during opening hours? 

Initially we will be open Thursday 3pm-8pm, Friday 3pm - 8:30pm, Saturday 11am - 8pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm

Do you have the means to purchase additional inventory to ensure your store is full upon opening?

We will open with momentum. Two private invite only events and a highly marketed opening to the public weekend. We expect to have many shoppers. 

Do you have an abundance mindset?

Since we are a shared space, you will have retailers all around you. We will have variety to minimize competing merchandise. However, we believe all boats rise with the tide and will not tolerate any bashing of other vendors. 

Shop Pricing

Pricing includes all taxes, fees, utilities, janitorial, internet, security, and marketing.

Our first 24 shop owners will receive a set amount of funding for design and build-out. Start creating the shop of your dreams!

Application Form
Apply To Join Us
What is the price of your most popular item?
Are you a member of Startup Tucson, Local Frst AZ, or a CIC cutomer

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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